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It is time to take control of your health !

                          “If I’d known I was going to live for so long,
I would have taken better care about myself from my youth.”

                                                                             Adolph Zukor
                                                      President, Paramount Pictures
         (Abstract from the interview on occasion of his 103rd birthday)

Everyone takes her or his own view upon what needs to be done for happiness. However, the vast majority of people unite in this: no happiness is possible without health. We are not too pleased about any benefits in this world if we or our near people or relatives are sick. And vice versa, perceiving oneself to be healthy fosters feelings of optimism.

Nowadays doctors opine that human beings have their strength reserve meant for the span of 120 to 150 years. But people grow old and die, on reaching, at best, a good half of that span. In the countries with healthy way of life accepted as the norm, (for instance, in Japan, South Korea), the average life expectancy has exceeded 80 years. In Estonia, it does not exceed 65 or 70 years, not least because we simply do not have habits to properly care about ourselves. It is high time we took further steps apart from usual measures required not to interfere with health. However, if our efforts to influence factors which contribute to air pollution fail, still there are other factors, which may be actually realized and which have beneficial impact on the state of own body in each particular case, where there is a will.

One of the simplest and at the same time most effective means to improve your health is massage. Better still, combination of different types of massage: mechanical, thermal, etc. as simultaneous procedures. Massage procedure has its positive impact on the state of blood circulatory system. After all, disorders of normal blood circulation are causes of two thirds of illnesses. In Korea, for instance, that was understood long ago. Today, doctors in Korea skillfully combine traditional methods practiced over a thousand of years and up-to-date technological achievements. Due to this, the massage equipment supplied from Korea is rightfully considered as among the best in terms of structure and efficiency. Moreover, the Korean equipment is much cheaper as compared, for example, with any European equipment.

We offer you different items of massage equipment. It helps, apart from improving health, to improve quality of life, ensure fitness to work and lucidity of mind over many years. Choose those items which answer needs of your body and nature: as people differ from each other, therefore similar recommendations cannot be advised.

Enjoy good health, enjoy long years and enjoy your life!