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Multi- function massage treatment bench

The very important part of the massage treatment is the multi- function bench with jade rolls that are moving according to a special programme. They perform a linear massage and a punctuate massage. At the same time the spine is under the mechanical stretching, which makes it more flexible and releases nerve endings pressed between vertebras. All the bioactive centres are warmed.

Rolls manipulate gently but deep into the muscles, connective tissues and sinews.

As a result vertebras are more flexible and get rid of muscle spasm.

The system is programmed in a way that it can be useful for persons of any height and to massage all the main parts as needed.

Consequently nerve endings are released from jamming and squeezing.

Nerve signals to internal organs and tissues are repaired.

Finally organs' health improves, metabolism increases and fat deposits decrease. Clients can easily feel the difference after each session such as back flexibility, warmth and liveliness.

Multi- function massage treatment bench to cure and to prevent many illnesses
  • Back pain (spinal column)
  • Osteochondrosis, scoliosis, also teenage scoliosis, radiculitus
  • Musculascelal system (arthritis, arthrosis)
  • Cardio-vascular system (stroke and infarct prevention)
  • Nervous system (stress, over-strain)
  • Paradontosis
  • Urinology, gynaecology
An internal projector is moving along the spinal column and has the same effect such as fingers pressing1 and diathermy.

The internal projector rolls and the bowls of five-ball projector are made from a half-precious kidney-stone, which after warming up is producing a health-giving long-wave infrared heat2. As a result of this influence the blood circulation becomes normal, clots of blood are resolving , stresses are decreasing.

An extra pad made from turmanium ceramic3 is also an additional source of long-wave infrared heat, which intensifies heat effect on our body.

At the heart of the function of this equipment are three main basic points of ancient Eastern medicine:
  • Reflex therapy
  • Punctuate massage4
  • Heating4
Reflex therapy effect is supplied with long-wave infrared heating of the internal projector. Infrared waves are stimulating like needles the points alone the spinal column. The same projector has an effect of punctuate massage, which stimulates nerve terminals, eases stress and overpressure, relaxes muscles.

The heating effect achieves with a help of warm energy from long-wave infrared waves, which supplies warm energy to tissues and internal organs.

As a result the body metabolism is increasing, pain is decreasing and the immune system is raised. The heating effect and punctuate massage help to decrease neuromuscular tension and increase the self-defence power of the body.
The multi-function bench massages the soft tissues along our spinal column, warming them up and stretching the spinal column itself.

Finally muscle spasm disappears, vertebras become flexible and are functioning normal. Generally all the organs start functioning better and metabolism is increasing.

Multi-function massage treatment bench improves our health, decreases tension in meridians and muscles along spinal column, raises our health ability.

Here are the results of Multi –function massage bench impact
  • The number of red and white cells produced by our body is increasing
  • The production of interferon inside our body is increasing. It is very important for the prevention and cure of inflammation.
  • Contraction of the myocardium intensifies, circulation of the blood improves, stress disappears, heart beating becomes regular, retardation of aging and the immune system is intensified
  • Digestive system function improves
  • Circulation of the blood in aching parts of the body increases taking out the hazardous substances and eases the pain.
The combination of many effects on the body by this equipment is the most effective for the preventive and active impact on wide spectre of medical conditions, such as:
  • Musculoskeletal system (spinal column illness)
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Dystrophoneurosis originated by neurogenic or vascular system
  • Peripheral nervous system( radiculitis)
  • Stress situations (emotional stress)
  • Low level of body resistance to the environment and weather sensibility
  • Correction of scoliosis in adolescent age.

1. Fingers pressing - is an old known Japanese method of massage. This method is very different from any European and includes pressure of arms and foot. Palms, thumb, knuckle, elbows, knees may be applied in order to put right pressure on the specific points which are responsible for the health and normal function of organs. As a result the body resists any pain and fights it effectively.

2. Turmanium - is a ceramic alloy of tourmaline, germanium, eruptive rock. Tourmaline contains natural minerals, which get into the body easily. Germanium is called “wonder mineral”. Turmanium radiates heat as long-wave infrared waves which cause stimulation of the blood system, making our cells active and disinfected in any part of our body.

3. Long-wave infrared heat – is a radiation that is constantly present in the environment and has a continuous action on the body. The body constantly takes up and radiate infrared rays. Infrared radiation has a wide application in a medical practice.

Long-wave infrared rays
  • Contribute to blood circulation in the body
  • Warm up the body and help to keep the body temperature normal
  • Destroy harmful metals and help the body to get rid of them
  • Have purifying and anti poisoning effect
  • Stop some microbes and funguses grow in the body
  • Improve metabolism
4. Heating and Puncture massage – is a traditional method of treatment, when a particular part of the body is a subject to constant pressing together with a heating effect. As a result the blood circulation is increasing helping to cure and prevent illnesses in the future. Heating energy of infrared waves gets into the blood stream, which increases metabolism and makes the body function stronger. This method of heating within puncture massage is well known in the Eastern world and has always been used for treatment and prevention of many illnesses. This method is recognized as an effective one by World Health Organization.